Liquid Cleaners

Photo of Detergent 8 Low Foaming Phosphate Free Detergent
Nonionic, concentrated detergent for labware washers, PC board washers, power-spray systems, ultrasonic cleaning systems and manual cleaning. Specially formulated to remove oils, resins, rosins, and fluxes from printed circuit boards, electronic parts, phosphate sensitive labware and nuclear contaminated equipment with no interfering conductive residues. Excellent replacement for solvent cleaning. Dilute 3:100. pH 11. Item ships as hazardous material. Additional freight and hazardous material packaging charges may apply.
Photo of Citranox Liquid Acid Cleaner and Detergent
Phosphate free concentrated cleaner and metal brightener for high performance removal of metal oxides, scale, salts and inorganic residues in manual and ultrasonic cleaning. Corrosion inhibited and free rinsing for reliable results and no interfering residues. Ideal for trace metal analysis. USDA authorized. Dilute 2:100. pH 2.5
Photo of Citrajet Low Foaming Liquid Acid Cleaner
Low foaming, phosphate-free, neutral pH detergent for use in manual, ultrasonic, and machine cleaning. Safe-handling detergent used for non-corrosive cleaning without chelation or alkalinity waste treatment problems. Recommended for aluminum and soft metal, medical devices, pharmaceutical equipment, alkaline sensitive labware, and medical instruments in aluminum trays. Free rinsing, eliminating interfering residues. Dilute 2:100 pH 2.5.