Premoistened Wipers

Photo of Premoistened Lab Wipes™

Premoistened Clean-Wipes™ clean even the dirtiest parts. Non-woven cloths are moistened with a blend of pure, reagent-grade 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% reagent-grade deionized water, or 100% pure reagent-grade deionized water. They are ideal for wiping optical parts, delicate glassware, electrodes, cuvets, microscopes, or lenses. Wipes are also available dry, with no solution. This permits using any liquid by simply adding eight fluid ounces to the wipe canister. Instantly clean metals, plastics, glass, rubber, and epoxies.

Photo of POLYWIPE-C Economy Cleanroom Wipes
The Polywipe-C is a lightweight 100% polyester interlock knit wiper with a textured surface for effective cleaning. Available in bulk packaging, the Polywipe-C is a soft, non-abrasive texture wipe that cleans surfaces without scratching and is the cost effective solution for customers who need to upgrade from less critical wipers. Available as validated sterile to a Sterility Assurance Level of 10-6 in accordance with standards and recommended practices of the AAMI Guidelines. A Certificate of Sterility is also available. Laundered and packaged in a ISO Class 4 cleanroom.
Photo of SATWIPES® Cleaning System
Contec's new SATWIPES® system offers customers another method of dispensing and using saturated wipes. SATWIPES® consist of a roll of 100 6x9 saturated wipers which are dispensed through a center-pull cannister. SATWIPES® offer many of the same features and benefits of the PROSAT® cleaning system at a reduced cost to the customer. These include effective cleaning, reduced solvent consumption and increased safety in the workplace. SATWIPES® are available in two different nonwoven wiper fabrics, the C1 and C3.
Photo of PROSAT® Si Wipers, Contec
Designed for the semiconductor industry, the PROSAT® Si utilizes a contamination control fabric from DuPont which is the cleanest non-woven wiper available. The substrate is made from 100% polyester fiber which is hydroentangled into an extremely soft, clean and strong fabric which is very low in both particles and extractables. The solvent blend of 10% 2-propanol and 90% deionized water combines cleaning effectiveness with safety. The solvent solution is filtered through a 0.2m filter and meets all SEMI specifications for metals and contaminants. ISO Class 5 compatible.