Small Orifice Cleaning Tool

Photo of SMORC® Small Orifice Cleaner
Uniquely designed for cleaning small orifices, a pin vise holds stainless steel wire securely while cleaning. A 22mm (7/8") diameter ring magnet on the handle keeps the SMORC® cleaner handy and is also useful for picking up wires. Supplied with a wire assortment (see below for wire sizes) that stores conveniently inside the hollow handle. Length without wire is 10.2cm (4"). Package of 30 stainless steel wires (C5280-3) for use with the SMORC® Small Orifice Cleaner. 51mm (2") long wires packaged in a plastic vial. Includes 10 each of 3 sizes: 0.152, 0.254, 0.508mm (.006", .010", .020").