Tubing Clamps, Plastic

Photo of BEL-ART Acetal Plastic Tubing Clamps

Acetal Plastic Tubing Clamps are durable and will not rust, distort or corrode. Select from 3 sizes for best tubing fit.

Photo of Hose/Tubing Clamp Assortment Kit. Control Company

Clamps securely fasten tubing to connectors, pumps, glassware, and filtration units. Chemical-corrosion-resistant, rustproof, non-conducting nylon is ideal for use in wide temperature range of 32 to 194°F (0 to 90°C). One-piece, reusable clamp squeezes shut for a leak-proof seal. Pressing on the side releases the clamp. Designed specifically for pressure, vacuum, and liquid applications where a secure seal is required. Tight-Seal™ is the only clamp that works with all types of plastic and rubber tubing. May be chemically or gas-sterilized for biomedical or food applications.

Photo of Nalgene 6165 Polypropylene Tubing Pinch Clamp

Nalgene 6165 Polypropylene Tubing Pinch Clamps are Ideal for use with PVC laboratory tubing. Allows precise, one-hand regulation of fluid flow, from completely open, to restricted flow, to completely closed. Plastic clamp won't rust, corrode or deform. Molded in one piece polypropylene with no sharp edges. Fits tubing with O.D. of 1/4" to 7/16 ".

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