Snap Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

Photo of Snap Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes. Bio Plas
The Snap-Cap microcentrifuge tube made by Bio Plas® gives a firm, dependable seal -- and its tough virgin polypropylene construction withstands the rugged G-forces of high speed centrifugation. Use it with confidence for specimen collection, mixing, electro-phoresis sampling / handling, enzyme assays, radioassays, immunoassays and many other applications. The Snap-Cap tube's smooth, conical interior lets you remove your entire sample with ease, and without material hangup. You can even cut it to remove a spun pellet.
Photo of Flip Cap Centrifuge Tubes, Sterile. Argos

The Argos Flip-Top centrifuge tube offers a hinged flip top cap that allows for single handed opening and closing. The attached cap provides less chance of dropping or losing a separate cap. Supplied with bold, easy-to-read black graduations - accurateto +/- 2%. Includes a large white marking area for sample identification. Manufactured in class 100,000 clean room. Guaranteed DNase, RNase & Pyrogen Free. Temperature range -80° - 120°C. Maximum RCF 9,400g; compatible with any fixed angle or swing bucket rotor. Gamma irradiated - supplied 25 tubes per bag, 500 per case.