PTFE Centrifuge Bottles

Photo of Nalgene 3127-0250 Teflon FEP Centrifuge Bottles with Caps_250mL

Nalgene 3127-0250 Teflon FEP 250mL Centrifuge Bottles with Caps are the ideal bottles for low-speed centrifugation of aggressive chemicals. Excellent for large-volume lipid and phenol extractions, digestions and precipitations. Resists most acids, bases and organic solvents. Autoclavable bottle rated for temperatures from -100° to +150°C. Use NALGENE sealing cap assembly (Cat. No. DS3131-0038) to run this bottle at maximum recommended speed (4000 x g). When using this bottle in the Sorvall GSA rotor use the NALGENE centrifuge bottle adapter (Cat. No. DS3125-0250).