Photo of Aluminum Frame Sample Bottle Carriers

These bottle carriers have an aluminum frame with a wooden handle. Durable yet light in weight. 

Photo of Acid/Solvent Bottle Carriers
Polyethylene carriers with epoxy coated, heavy-gauge steel wire bails have wide ribs in both the sides and on the bottom to support and cushion bottles. The cone style lid has a 16mm (5/8") opening in the top for insertion of tubing to simplify the transfer of liquids without pouring. The truncated style lid permits pouring without the removal of the lid. These carriers are designed to hold standard US reagent bottles.
Photo of Nalgene 7135 BioTransport Carrier

Nalgene 7135 Polycarbonate BioTransport Carrier. Transport racks containing tubes or sample holders filled with potentially infectious materials. Polycarbonate carrier is tough and break resistant. This carrier offers excellent visibility of contents. Silicone gasket seals tightly. Clamps securely hold carrier closed and assure leak-resistant seal. Stainless-steel handle available separately (7136-0001). For accidental spills inside of carrier, autoclave with clamps closed. 

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Photo of Nalgene 6501 Safety Bottle Carriers-LDPE

Nalgene 6501 LDPE Safety Bottle Carriers. Safely and easily hold 2.5L and 4L chemical bottles, with or without finger loops. These carriers hold and protect standard acid and chemical bottles and permit pouring without removing the bottles. A clear polycarbonate cap protects bottle closure and allows identification of color-coded closure on acid bottles. Cap twists for removal from cover, so there is no need to remove bottle from carrier to pour. Epoxy-coated handle locks in place while carrying contents. Carrier cushions glass bottles from breakage.

Photo of BOD Bottle Carrier
Polypropylene carrier holds eight standard 300mL Biological Oxygen Demand bottles. 33 x 17 x 7cm (13⅛" x 6¾" x 2⅝") high, with a 9cm (3⅝") tall handle for easy carrying. Openings are 72mm diameter (2.8"). Steam autoclavable at 121° C (250° F). 2 per box.
Photo of Nalgene DS5996 Multi-Bottle Carrier and Rack

Nalgene DS5996 Multi-Bottle Carrier and Rack securely holds up to eight 500mL round or square bottles. Bottles fit snugly between the upper grid and molded-in depressions on the lower tray. It is also useful as a BOD bottle rack. Handle telescopes into rack for convenient storage. Dimensions (with handle extended): 33.0 × 19.4 × 22.9cm; height with handle telescoped into rack: 16.5cm. Autoclavable.

(Sample Photo Displayed. Individual items may differ from the image shown.)


Photo of Nalgene 6505 Safety Bottle Carrier for 500mL Bottles-LLDPE

Nalgene 6505 Safety Bottle Carrier for 500mL Bottles can easily and safely hold up to six standard half-liter reagent bottles in any profile. Also useful for carrying most other half-liter glass or plastic bottles. Bottles are held securely; reduces possibility they may bump into each other, crack or chip. Has a sturdy, wide handle molded in one piece with the base, which allows a comfortable grip, even when carrier is full. Snug-fitting cover latches securely to base. Carriers may be stacked. Made of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE).