Plastic Burets

Photo of Polyethylene Automatic Burette
These burettes have easy to read blue graduations against a white background. The delivery end is fitted into a plastic push button stopcock that permits drop-by-drop delivery. A small screw clamp presets drop speed for repeat titration. A polyethylene filling tube extends from the top of the burette into the bottle reservoir. Bottle, screw cap, and round base are polyethylene. Graduation accuracy is Class B.
Photo of Self Zeroing Automatic Burette
Borosilicate glass burettes have white 0.1mL graduations and are mounted to a polyethylene screw cap and bottle. Squeezing the flexible bottle forces liquid into burette. Overfill drains back into bottle when pressure is released. The drain arm has a 2mm bore glass stopcock. Large, stable plastic base is separable from reservoir. Accuracy of burette is within 1% of total volume.
Photo of Nalgene 3650 Acrylic Burets with PMP Tip & Teflon TFE Stopcock

Nalgene 3650 Acrylic Burets with PMP Tip & Teflon TFE Stopcock meet ASTM E287 standards. Crystal clear, durable, easy to use and safer than glass, these break-resistant burets are for use with acids and bases (except hydrofluoric acid and ammonium hydroxide) used as titrants. A pH range of 1-14 is ideal; compatible with up to 5% wt/wt acids and up to 30% bases accomodating a wide range of tirants. Not for use with alcohols or organic solvents.

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Photo of Nalgene 3645 Self-Zeroing Buret Kit

Nalgene 3645 Self-Zeroing Buret Kit makes any plastic or glass 25- or 50-mL buret self-zeroing, economically and easily. Saves you money over costly glass self-zeroing burets. No more funneling; hazardous, wasteful spills are eliminated. Can be used with almost all aqueous titrants. Set adjustable fill-tube to zero mark on buret. Squeeze bottle to fill buret* just above zero mark. Release and excess liquid returns to bottle and titrant falls to the zero mark. To switch to a different size buret, simply reverse the adapter.