Micro Burets

Photo of Corning 2128 PYREX® Class A Precision Bore Micro Buret with Glass Standard Taper Stopcock

These burets are designed for precise analytical methods in microchemistry. Precision bore tubing throughout the body assures accuracy between any two points. Funnel top facilitates addition of reagents by pouring or by suction from below through a rubberstoppered tube. Tips are tapered to assure smooth flow. Stopcocks turn freely yet give positive control and are of 2mm bore.The capacity tolerance on these burets is established by ASTM E1189 and are calibrated in accordance with ASTM E542.

Photo of Kimble 17132F KIMAX Automatic Micro Buret with Side Fill Reservoir and PTFE Stopcock, Class A

Kimble 17132F KIMAX Automatic Class A Micro Buret with Side Fill Reservoir and PTFE Stopcock is used for small volume titrations. Side reservoir capacity is approximately 70mL. Easy-to-read durable white ceramic enamel scale. Supplied with two chemically-resistant, self-lubricating PTFE stopcock plugs. Replacement 2mm straight bore stopcock plug is 821001-0002 and replacement stopper is a medium length 14/20 standard taper glass stopper. Manufactured to the specifications found in ASTM E694. Calibrated to the accuracy requirements found in ASTM Specification E542.

Photo of Kimble 45150 KIMAX Conical Glass Micro Centrifuge Tubes, Ungraduated

Kimble 45150 KIMAX Conical Glass Micro Centrifuge Tubes are not graduated. Tube has a beaded top for added strength. Designed from ASTM Specification E237. 

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