Color Coded Wash Bottles

Photo of BEL-ART Narrow Mouth Wash Bottles with Color-Coded Caps, LDPE

Low-density polyethylene wash bottles offer different colors of polypropylene closures for quick, at-a-glance identification of contents.

  • Choose from Red, Yellow, Blue or Green

(Sample Photo Displayed. Individual items may differ from the image shown.)


Photo of Narrow Mouth Wash Bottles, Natural or Color-Coded
Low-density polyethylene, narrow mouth, wash bottles with color-coded polypropylene closures for easy identification. Five closure colors to choose from: Natural, Blue, Green, Red or Yellow.
Photo of LDPE Color-Coded Wash Bottles
These LDPE Color-Coded Wash Bottles let you color code reagents or coordinate with industry storage codes. Non-vented closure and stem molded in one piece for leakproof service. Tip can be cut back to increase flow.