Shipping Bottles

Photo of Nalgene 2099 Narrow-Mouth HDPE IP2 Shipping Bottles

Use Nalgene™ 2099 Narrow-Mouth HDPE IP2 Bottles as inner containers for designing, assembling and certifying combination packaging. These high density polyethylene bottles are safe, economical and designed to resist splitting and puncturing from shipping shocks. Leakproof, each lot of bottles is leak tested at 15psi (103kPa).

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Photo of Nalgene 2199 Wide-Mouth HDPE IP2 Shipping Bottles with Caps

Nalgene 2199 Wide-Mouth HDPE IP2 Shipping Bottles with Polypropylene Screw Closures. Safe, durable, cost-efficient line of wide-mouth bottles for packaging and transporting hazardous materials. Recommended for customers who are designing, assembling and certifying their own combination packaging. Split- and puncture-resistant. Wide mouth allows for easy filling of dry materials or liquids. Heavy duty walls. Molded into bottom: IP2 marking, material, volume, registration notch and the NALGENE® brand name. Guaranteed leakproof.