Photo of Dynalon Baritainer® Jerry Cans

Dynalon Baritainer® Jerry Cans

QUORAL® (patent pending) based Baritainer® Jerry Cans can be used to safely transport solvents such as household chemicals, industrial & laboratory chemicals, cleaning solvents, adhesives, wood preservatives, automotive additives, additives in the agricultural, automotive photo chemical sector. They can be used to safely transport foodstuffs such as flavors, edible oils, essential oils and other industry products such as cosmetics and fragrances. Baritainer® Jerry Cans offer an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to glass, metal containers, coextruded or fluorinated containers and other single-layer barrier containers, polyester and PVC containers. Baritainers® have built in handles, are impact resistant, lightweight, rugged, economical & stackable containers for chemicals. Quoral® BR is 100x more efficacious with hydrocarbon solvents and provide an excellent aroma barrier with a 2x to 5x improvement in the O2 barrier performance. The screw cap tamper evident closure system includes either a DIN 50 or DIN 60 closure.

The new and improved 20 Liter Baritainer Jerry Can consists of a wider 70mm tamper-evident natural HDPE and EPDM lined screw closure (with ¾” NPT center reducer) for convenient dispensing of liquids and powders. The Baritainer’s overall dimensions are similar to the previous style and are still manufactured of natural HDPE and Quoral® barrier resin. Additional features include rectangular shape to optimize space efficiency, smooth surfaces of the label panels for graphics, integrated grip handles for gloved hands, stackability, and impact resistance, enhanced drop performance construction, light weight, UN rated 3H1/Y1.8/100, and are FDA compliant and recyclable.
Cat. No. Mfr. No. Title Price Quantity
B6859-1 405594-0001 Dynalon Baritainer® Jerry Cans
B6859-2 405594-0002 Dynalon Baritainer® Jerry Cans
B6859-3 405594-2070 Dynalon Baritainer® Jerry Cans