Bottle Caps

Photo of Phenolic Cap with Solid Polyethylene Liner
Black phenolic caps with solid polyethylene liners.
Photo of Polyseal® Bottle Caps

Black phenolic caps with Polyseal® inverted polypropylene cone seal/liner.


Photo of Pulp/Vinyl Lined Caps
Black phenolic caps with pulp board liner that has a vinyl coating. Recommended for general use (do not use with solvents or concentrated acids).
Photo of Bottle Caps with Rubber Liner
Wheaton black plastic screw caps with non-toxic, white, rubber liner.
Photo of Black Plastic Screw Caps with PE Liners
For use with distilled water, analytical standards and reagents.
Photo of White Polypropylene Caps with Polyvinyl Liners
White polypropylene caps with polyvinyl liners.
Photo of Qorpak Green Thermoset Ribbed Cap with F217 PTFE Liner

Qorpak Green Thermoset Ribbed Cap with F217 PTFE Liner. These caps are known for providing the widest range of chemical compatibility and for being the most temperature tolerant of plastic closures. They also provide the most consistent adherence to close dimensional tolerances. Ideal for pharmaceutical applications. Thermoset closures cannot be remelted after they are formed. Common resins include urea, phenolic and melamine.

Photo of White Polypropylene Caps with PTFE/Foam Liners
White Polypropylene Caps with PTFE/Foam Liners.
Photo of White Polypropylene Caps with Silicone/Polypropylene Liners
White Polypropylene caps with Polypropylene/ Silicone/Polypropylene Liners. These white, closed-top, autoclavable caps have ultrasonically bonded liners, making them ideal for use with biological media and other sensitive compounds. They are available in convenient Lab Pack quantities as well as larger Case Packs.
Photo of Nalgene 2158 Polypropylene Quick Filling-Venting Closures

Nalgene 2158 Polypropylene Quick Filling-Venting Closures. Ported 83B closure features quick disconnect fittings and inside/outside barbed tubulations. Forms a convenient fluid transfer system with the tubing of your choice. Available in 2 or 3 port styles for 1/4" or 3/8" tubing. Socket fittings in cap have internal valves that seal when a tubulation fitting is removed so container seal integrity is maintained. Excellent for use in vacuum systems with Nalgene Heavy Duty Carboys and Bottles. Use with Nalgene 180 heavy-wall tubing. Polypropylene closure and fittings, TPE gasket.

Photo of Nalgene 223-0030 Carboy Vent Filter

A compact filter for venting and solvent filtration applications. Useful for maintaining purified water stored in carboys. The Disposable Carboy Vent Filter features a PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane. The hydrophobic membrane permits sterile venting on a slow exhaust/liquid autoclave cycle of Nalgene PP and PC carboys up to 50L. Can be used up to five times in venting applications. Non-sterile. WARNING! All NALGENE Filterware is for research use only, not for in vitro diagnosis or parenterals.

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