Disposable Plastic Beakers

Photo of Dispensers for Staccups® Beakers

For convenience, cleanliness, organization and accessibility, install these Wall-Mounted Dispensers in all key locations. Available for two Staccups® beaker sizes: 120cc (4 fl. oz.) and 500cc (17 fl. oz.). Clearly visible window to indicate low supply. Top-loading with convenient bottom-dispensing. Hardware and installation instructions for wall-mounting included.

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Photo of Dyn-A-Med Tri-Stir Graduated Disposable Beaker-Polypropylene

The Tri-Stir Beaker is made of translucent polypropylene with a tri-corner design. Corners are "V" notched for accurate pouring. Flat bottom for better use of magnetic stirring bars. Graduations in milliliters and ounces. 100/case.

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Photo of Staccups® Disposable Polypropylene Beakers

The first sterilizable graduated beakers. Staccups® are made from heavy-gauge polypropylene and are reusable, but are also economically priced to justify one-time use. Staccups® are stack-packed with a protective shrink-wrap which doubles as a self-dispenser and allows for cleanliness and convenient storing. Staccups® unique features make them essential in thousands of applications. Sterilizable - resistant to temperatures up to 121°C (250°F), yet can be subjected to very low temperatures for sample deep-freeze and storage.

Photo of Disposable Polypropylene Beakers

Maryland Plastics Polypropylene Translucent beakers are highly resistant to strong acids and bases, organic solvents, and commonly used laboratory reagents. Autoclavable beakers have excellent temperature resistance. The beakers are molded with a special "dripless" lip and spout. Polypropylene beakers are less rigid than reusable type plastic beakers.