Biohazard Bag Holders

Photo of Clavies® Biohazard Bag Holders

Bags are securely supported on a stainless steel wire frame and polypropylene bottom, which also serves as a containment tray in the event of bag leakage. Tray is safety orange in color for easy identification as a biohazard containment system. Autoclavable at 121°C (250°F) to maintain sterility. The small bag holder is ideal for benchtop use. These lightweight units are shipped unassembled for more economical transportation. Assembly takes only minutes and is permanent.

Photo of Poxygrid® Biohazard Bag Holders
Keep biohazard bags open and ready for filling. Just place a biohazard bag into the sturdy wire holder and stretch the bag over the top ring. A separate hooked ring rests over the top to keep the bag in place. Circular shape keeps bags wide open for easy access. Made from bright biohazard orange colored epoxy-coated wire.