Photo of Orion™ Specialty Titration Electrodes. Thermo Scientific
A wide range of specialty Thermo Scientific® Orion™ titration electrodes is available for many uses. PH4290-1SC is a combination glass body, sleeve junction pH electrode with a screw cap connector (requires separate cable). It is for use with most titrators; use in thick, viscous samples. PH4290-2SC is an Ag/AgCl glass combination electrode with 14/15 standard taper with a screw cap connector (requires separate cable). It can be used with many titrators or any vessel requiring a standard taper joint.
Photo of Schott TITROLINE® alpha plus Compact Titrator
This stand alone titrator ships with a 20 mL burette but interchangeable burettes with 1, 5, 10 or 50 mL capacity are also available. The TITROLINE alpha plus displays a live curve on the large LCD display. An applications library is built in with over 100 preprogrammed methods, for ease of use. Over 40 methods can be customized and stored. Two pH/mV, one polarized and one temperature input is included. Equipped with two RS232 outputs, this titrator can control a sample changer, balance and printer.
Photo of Schott TITROLINE® easy Titrator
The TITROLINE® easy is the ideal titrator for your routine daily work. This instrument provides you with the perfect combination of a piston burette, a pH/mV meter and integrated intelligence. Ten titration methods for various applications are preinstalled and can be called up easily as required.
Photo of Schott TITRONIC® basic Titration Burette
Anyone with a TITRONIC® basic in the laboratory will leave their bottle-top burettes and classic glass burettes on the shelf. Manual titration can be performed more reliably and accurately with the TITRONIC® basic, and the results can be documented when required. The titration process is carried out by pressing a button on the mouse - the handheld device TZ-3680. You can monitor the dosed quantity conveniently on the large display. The TITRONIC® basic is equipped with an RS-232-C serial interface so that you can document your results.