Analog Control

Photo of Thermo Scientific Aluminum-Top Hotplates

Stay within the budget of your lab, clinic or classroom by using Thermo Scientific™ Aluminum-Top Hotplates. These durable hotplates are equipped with thermostatic temperature control to maintain uniform temperature across the aluminum plate surface.

Photo of Thermo Scientific 2200 Series Large Aluminum Top Hot Plates

The Thermo Scientific 2200 series of aluminum top hot plates outperform other top materials providing superior temperature uniformity and stability. Thermostatic temperature control senses and maintains hot plate temperature, provides excellent stability. Embedded heating elements transfer heat evenly to top plate, provides uniform temperature. Cycle light indicates when power is being supplied to heating element. Stainless steel case provides optimal strength for heavy loads. 12 x 24" hot plate case is painted with epoxy paint for increased chemical resistance in corrosive environments.

Photo of Thermo Scientific Cimarec Basic Hot Plates with Ceramic Top

Thermo Scientific Cimarec basic hotplates reach maximum temperature in less than 8 minutes. Sleek, rugged design and construction reduces the chance of top plate breakage and promotes durability, for economical high performance. The solid ceramic top plate cleans easily, and resists acids and alkalis. The new top-plate design reduces the chance of breakage while the improved spillaway design diverts spills away from internal components to help extend the hotplates usefulness.