Abbe Automatic Refractometers, Digital

Photo of DR-A1 Digital Abbe Refractometer
By very simple operation that needs only to set the boundary line of refraction at the cross hairs, the DR-1A refractometer directly indicates a measured value (in refractive index or Brix ( % ) , selective ) in digits together with temperature on the display. This refractometer enables anyone to carry out measurement easily without reading of analog graduation. Automatic temperature compensation is standard. Please Note: dispersive value cannot be measured by this refractometer.
Photo of Reichert Auto Abbe Refractometer
Reichert Analytical Instruments Auto Abbe Refractometers will provide readings for refractive index, temperature compensated refractive index, % solids and temperature compensated % solids. The % solids and temperature compensated % solids scales in channel 1 are the International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA) sucrose or "Brix" scales. Temperature is accurately measured by a thermistor at the prism surface where the sample is placed. Photosensing optices provide an extremely accurate and reproducible reading of the shadowline.
Photo of RX-7000a Automatic Digital Refractometer
The RX-7000a is an excellent refractometer which allows direct reading of refractive index, temperature-corrected refractive index and temperature-corrected Brix of various liquids. The prism is a durable sapphire prism which is scratch and corrosion resistant and assures a sustained high-reliability measurement. It is best for measuring oils and fats of high melt point, higher refractive index perfumes, organic solvents, etc. The RX-7000a has manual calibration which compensates for the difference in standard liquids and measurement values by other refractometers. 120 VAC.