Redox/orp Electrodes

Photo of Orion™ Redox/ORP and Redox/ORP/Temp Electrodes. Thermo Scientific
These Thermo Scientific® Orion™ electrodes (PH4294-1/-2SC) combine a platinum redox and a silver/silver chloride reference electrode in one body. PH4294-1/-SC has a glass body with a ceramic junction and PH4294-2/-2BN is an epoxy body electrode with a sleeve junction. Both can be used to make direct measurements of redox potentials or to perform potentiometric titrations. They are not designed for amperometric or constant current titrations, such as the Karl Fischer. Recommended for measurement of reduction/oxidation potential and Redox titrations.
Photo of Orion™ ORP Standards for Redox/ORP Electrodes. Thermo Scientific
Thermo Scientific® Orion™ ORP standards are now available to make tedious measurement simple. These solutions do not contain hazardous chemicals, are stable for up to a year (unopened) and can be used directly from the bottle with no mixing or diluting. Use as your relative mV standard and calibrate the offset of your sample. Designed for use with new Orion 91-79 Low Maintenance™ and 91-80 Refillable ORP Triode™ electrodes. Orion ORP standard is included in the new ASTM ORP method.