pH Standards and Solutions

Photo of Thermo Orion™ Pure Water® pH Buffers and pHISA™ Adjustor

Sample well water, rain water, distilled/deionized water, boiler feed water, process water and more with the Thermo Orion™ Pure Water™ pH Buffers and pHISA™ Adjustor. They offer fast, accurate pH results in high purity and low ionic strength waters.

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Photo of Thermo Orion™ 700010 Total Alkalinity Test Kit

Save time by eliminating additional equipment set-up, titrations and calculations. The Thermo Orion™ 700010 Total Alkalinity Test Kit provides two-step direct measurement of total alkalinity and pH using a pH electrode. Ships with: 475mL Alkalinity Reagent (700011), 475mL Alkalinity Standard/Control (700012), Total Alkalinity Conversion Chart and Application Procedure No. 517, Total Alkalinity in Natural Waters.