pH Standards and Solutions

Photo of Orion™ Pure Water® pH Test Kits. Thermo Scientific
Many laboratories take pH measurements of "pure water" with low levels of acid, base or dissolved salts. The low conductivity and limited buffering capacity of low ionic strength pure water causes pH electrodes to drift, producing non-reproducible and inaccurate results. Using the Thermo Scientific® Orion™ Pure Water® pH Test Kit provides fast, accurate pH results in high purity waters. This kit contains special low ionic strength buffers for calibration and an additive, called pHISA® Adjustor, to increase sample ionic strength without changing its pH.
Photo of Orion™ Total Alkalinity Test Kit. Thermo Scientific
Total Alkalinity is as easy as pH! The Thermo Scientific® Orion™ Total Alkalinity Test Kit is a two-step direct measurement for total alkalinity and pH. Calibrate for pH as usual, add the Alkalinity Reagent and read total alkalinity in ppm (0-200) CaCO3 from the enclosed pH conversion chart. Saves time by eliminating additional equipment set-up, tedious titrations and calculations. If you already measure pH, it's just one easy step to measure total alkalinity.