Moisture Analyzers

Photo of A&D MF Series Moisture Analyzer Balance

The MF Series is ideal for food, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, or any moisture analysis application, particularly those needing GLP/GMP/ISO compliance. This one of a kind drying system, combined with an advanced heat protection mechanism for the weigh cell, provides superior accuracy and repeatability. 5 year warranty.

(Sample Photo Displayed. Individual items may differ from the image shown.)


Photo of Accessories for MB200 Moisture Analyzers. Ohaus
Accessories for MB200 Moisture Analyzers. (Sample Photo Shown. Individual models or products may differ from the image shown.)
Photo of Accessories For MB35 & MB45 Balances. Ohaus
Accessories For MB35 & MB45 Balances. (Sample Photo Shown. Individual models or products may differ from the image shown.)
Photo of MB23 Compact IR Moisture Analyzer. Ohaus
The MB23 combines high quality durable construction and easy one button setup and is ideal for operators of all skill levels. With a large backlit LCD display, standard RS232 port, 110g capacity with a readability of 0.01g/0.1% and an IR heating element, the MB23 offers flexibility for any budget. Non glass infrared heating element for even heating and is ideal for food testing textiles, wastewater, ceramics and other applications.
Photo of MB25 Compact Halogen Moisture Analyzer. Ohaus
OHAUS® MB Series Moisture Analyzers combine high quality and durable construction into sleek, compact halogen analyser.
Photo of MB35 Basic Moisture Analyzer. Ohaus
The MB35 is the basic model for moisture determination, leading the industry in performance/value. The MB35 features a maximum sample capacity of 35g, with a readability of 0.005g and repeatability to 0.05% (10g sample). The intuitive software establishes a user interface with simple 3 key navigation for easy setup. The MB35 offers a straightforward one step testing procedure, just enter time and temperature and begin. The LCD display shows % moisture, actual weight, actual temperature and test time. Timer: 1-120 minutes / 30-second increments to 60 min. / 1 min.
Photo of MB45 Advanced Moisture Analyzer. Ohaus
For maximum value, the MB45 is the standard in high performance moisture content determination. The MB45 features a sample capacity of 45g, with a readability of 0.001g and repeatability to 0.015% (using 10g sample). Moisture range is 0.01% to 100%. Temperature range is 50° to 200° C, in 1° C increments. An integrated database stores up to 50 drying procedures for maximizing productivity, simply recall the test from memory and begin. Four selectable automatic drying programs allow for easy one step drying, simply set the temperature and time, and begin.
Photo of Direct Reading Mechanical Moisture Balance
The CSC Mechanical Moisture Balance provides fast and accurate readings of the percent moisture content in a variety of substances. Rapidly determines the percent of moisture in material ranging from food products to substances such as sand, soil, cement, ceramics, adhesives, paper, plastics, chemicals, and sewage. Eliminates errors introduced by ambient draft or moisture. The wide selection of heat ranges allows optimum drying of diverse materials without sample damage. The Mechanical Moisture Balance eliminates error while providing direct readings of moisture content.
Photo of Disposable Weighing Pans for CSC Balance
Aluminum sample pans for B1760 balance. Eliminates time consuming clean-up. Separate pans designed for liquids and solids.