Photo of Control Company 4189 Traceable® Hygrometer/Thermometer w/RS-232 Output

Unit simultaneously displays humidity or dew point and temperature. One of the newest and fastest humidity sensors ever developed displays full-range humidity changes in 5-30 seconds. It records wide humidity variations on a second-to-second basis. Monitor labs, clean rooms, food processing, and all humidity-sensitive manufacturing areas with this high-resolution unit. Relative humidity resolution is 0.01%, accuracy is ±3% RH, and range is 10.00 to 95.00% RH. Dew Point is a calculated measurement, resolution is 0.01°, accuracy is sum accuracy of humidity and temperature.

Photo of Control-Company-4185-Traceable-Memory-Hygrometer-Thermometer

Traceable® Memory Hygrometer/Thermometer measures from 10.0 to 95.0% relative humidity and temperature from 0.0 to 199.9°F and –18.0 to 93.0°C. Simultaneously displays both temperature and relative humidity on its dual 1⅛-inch high LCD. Precision thermistor offers a temperature accuracy of ±1°C between 0 to 40°C, otherwise ±2°C, and a resolution of 0.1°. Reads Fahrenheit and Celsius. An audible click confirms each key entry. See listing for dew point model specifications. Resistive polymer film sensor provides humidity readings with an accuracy of ±2% mid-range to ±4% elsewhere.