Photo of CMU Uncontrolled Mantles

CMU Uncontrolled Mantles

The Thermo Scientific CMU Uncontrolled Mantle features aluminum housing that is tough, chemical-resistant, lightweight and easy to clean. Available in multiple sizes and temperature ranges. Flexible coiled heating elements absorb shock and minimizing the risk of flasks breaking. The heating element is attached to a rigid thermal insulating cartridge to ensure maximum heat transfer and support. A unique airflow through ventilation slots beneath and around the rim and heating cartridge keep the exterior “cool-to-the-touch”. Controllers are sold separately. The stainless-steel screen covering the heating element is grounded directly to the cable for added protection. Support rod holder accepts .5"(12.7 mm) diameter support rods. Amber "Heater On" light indicates when power is being supplied to the heaters. A clear "Power On" light indicates when the power is on. The stainless steel grounding screen provides added protection against shock should spillage or flask breakage occur. CE approved. 115 VAC (230V is available). Shipping weight: 4 Lbs (H1390-6 thru -8 is 8 Lbs). 230V and EV plugs are also available. (Sample Photo Shown. Individual models may differ from the image shown.)
Cat. No. Mfr. No. Title Price Quantity
H1391-1 CMU0050/EX1 CMU Uncontrolled Mantles
H1391-2 CMU0100/EX1 CMU Uncontrolled Mantles
H1391-3 CMU0250/EX1 CMU Uncontrolled Mantles
H1391-4 CMU0500/EX1 CMU Uncontrolled Mantles
H1391-5 CMU1000/EX1 CMU Uncontrolled Mantles
H1391-6 CMU2000/EX1 CMU Uncontrolled Mantles
H1391-7 CMU3000/EX1 CMU Uncontrolled Mantles
H1391-8 CMU5000/EX1 CMU Uncontrolled Mantles