Photo of High-Performance UV Transilluminators, UVP
High performance 25-watt UV tubes for high fluorescence and sensitivity on stained gels. Stainless steel cover frame provides for easy cleaning and reduces contamination of samples. Uniform, brilliant back-lit fluorescence illumination is enhanced with UVP's unique background uniformity screen and UVG long-life filter. Uniformity screen is available on units with midrange or longwave UV. The transilluminator's powerful cooling fan maintains a low filter surface temperature to avoid sample damage and maintains a constant UV intensity.
Photo of Labconco Gel Dryer
Gel Dryers dry large gels up to 13.2" x 16.7" maximum (33.6 x 42.3 cm) or any combination of smaller gels for preservation or subsequent processing such as autoradiography. Separate vacuum and heat timers provide versatility to establish many different drying conditions. Drying times vary, depending on the vacuum source, gel concentration and gel thickness. Features include 800-watt heating element, aluminum platen, 4-hour heating timer, 4-hour vacuum timer, temperature control knob with adjustment from 40° to 80° C.
Photo of Gel Documentation Apparatus - BioDoc-It™ System, UVP
UVP's BioDoc-It™ System is designed as an easy to use, economical and high quality gel documentation and archiving system for the Life Science Laboratory. The system is designed for multiple-user laboratories and features live preview, pre-set exposure times, auto save and an integrated monitor in a compact design.
Photo of Digi-Doc-It™ Image Acquisition System, UVP
The DigiDoc-It System is a digital imaging system designed for low cost image acquisition and documentation of gels, plates and membranes. This economical system combines a 4.1 megapixel digital color camera housed in the top of a compact enclosure with sample viewer and an easy access door. High quality images with low light capability with multiple image resolution settings. DigiDoc-It software enables acquisition, complete camera control, enhancement, annotation and archiving of digital images for publication or quantitative analysis.