Digital Burets

Photo of Eppendorf Top Buret Digital Bottle Top Dispenser with Safety Valve

The Eppendorf Top Buret sets standards for manual titration. With each turn of the dial, liquid is continuously dispensed eliminating the need for new liquid aspiration. Makes titration simpler and safer. The Top Buret comes in two different models: Model M features a dispensing rate of 2,500 µL per rotation; Model H features a rate of 5,000 µL per rotation. The digital display readings on both models range from 10 µL to 999.9 mL with the size of your supply bottle being the only limiting factor.

Photo of Digitrate Digital Burette
The Digitrate digital burette and electronic dispenser delivers accurate, precise and convenient bottle top titration. Designed with many features - the Digitrate allows you greater flexibility. Accuracy ±0.2%, Precision ±0.1%, Resolution 0.01mL. Chemically resistant and autoclavable liquid pathway. Continuous display of volume dispensed with zero reset feature for multiple titrations. Simple user calibration and factory reset for ISO 9000 & GLP requirements. Visible borosilicate glass barrel allows inspection of liquid before dispensing. Dispense nozzle protection sleeve.