Photo of Control Company 4130 Traceable® Temperature Activated Outlet Controller

Controller turns any piece of equipment on or off when temperature rises above high set point or falls below low set point. Wide setting range of –4 to 140°F and –20 to 60°C permits maintaining temperatures above or below ambient. Control heating elements, cooling blocks, hot plates, heating mantles, cooling systems, or incubators to an accuracy of ±1°C. Controller may be set in 1° increments. Display reads in °F and °C with a 0.1° resolution. Unit accepts standard, three-pronged plug and controls equipment rated to 1800 watts, 15 amps.

Photo of Control Company 5095 Traceable® Countdown Controller

Countdown controller turns any piece of equipment on or off at the end of a set time period. Programmable in any 1-minute interval from 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds to 1 minute. Program controller in an instant with easy- to-use countdown time mode. Performs reproducible stirring, heating, or pumping times. Use for timed shutdown or start-up of apparatus during any test. A manual override permits equipment to be switched on or off instantly without disturbing the program. Button cell batteries maintain programs in the event of power outage.