Cell Culture Equipment

Photo of Modular Cell Production Apparatus
The Wheaton Modular Cell Production Apparatus allows large scale propagation of monolayer cell cultures in standard roller culture vessels, 108-121mm in diameter and up to 550mm long. The control unit, housed in the base, contains a soft start, speed control with a locking shaft to prevent changing of speed accidentally. A powerful DC motor drives the bottles through a series of durable non-slip belts to exacting speeds from .125 to 6.9* RPM with an accuracy of 1%. High-quality rubber rollers are mounted on aluminum shafts.
Photo of Modular Cell Production Apparatus with All Position Drive
This version of the Wheaton Modular Cell Production Apparatus differs from the standard drive version in that it provides increased traction for the roller culture bottles, particularly the lightweight styrene bottles. Each roller is driven through a series of non-slip belts and pulleys for positive traction. An optional All Position Drive Conversion Kit enables the decks of the standard drive model to be converted to all position drive capability without having to return the unit to Wheaton for conversion. Bottle speed: .125 to 6.9 RPM*. 105-120VAC. Other voltages are available.