Photo of Control Company 3416 Traceable® Digital Calipers

Traceable® Calipers make length/diameter measurements three ways—outside, inside, and depth. Digital display models measure to 8-inches (200mm). At the touch of a button units switch from inches to millimeters. Zero button instantly sets unit to zero when jaws are at any position. This permits, without calculations, setting a Floating Zero™ or reference point to read “greater than or less than results with a minus sign displayed”. Ergonomic design precision calipers are ideal for measuring the outside diameter of stoppers, the inside diameter of tubing, and the depth of vials.

Photo of Venier Calipers, English and Metric Scale
Made of hardened, polished steel. Only one hand required to operate. Supplied with "stop" trigger, knurled roller device, one-piece left jaw and bar, deep cut lines. Bar graduations 1/16 and mm. Capacity 5" or 120mm. Venier reads to 0.1mm or 1/128". Made of nickel plated steel.