Analytical Balances

Photo of Discovery Semi-Micro and Analytical Balances. Ohaus
The NEW Ohaus® Discovery combines unmatched weighing performance with Ohaus’ innovative SmarText™ software, making it extremely reliable and easy to use. The Discovery also features advanced AutoCal™ internal calibration making it the best performing balance in its class. SmarText™ is Ohaus’ easy to use balance software that utilizes text prompts to guide users through application use and balance setup.
Photo of Voyager® PRO Analytical Balances. Ohaus
When your applications demand more than a standard balance, the new Ohaus Voyager® PRO is up to the task. Voyager PRO's Advanced Applications simplify even the most complex laboratory measurements. Whether it's determining the difference between initial and residual weights or calculating the density of solids and liquids, Voyager PRO eliminates the need for time consuming manual calculations and data logging. Advanced in applications but not in operation. With Voyager PRO's dot matrix display and intuitive user interface, balance setup and use is effortless.
Photo of TE Series Analytical Balances. Sartorius
The performance specifications of the Sartorius Talent Series (TE) Analytical balances set new accents in the class of compact and affordable laboratory balances. Whether you need to weigh in laboratories, vocational training facilities or classrooms, with a Sartorius Talent series balance you'll always have just the right equipment.
Photo of ME Series Semi-Micro & Analytical Balances. Sartorius
The Sartorius ME is highly proficient at performing the core tasks of analytical weighing with incomparable speed, stable accuracy and reliability. Provides stable and reproducible readouts with an accuracy of five decimal places in just eight seconds. Three-part, motorized draft shield system; controlled by palm-activated keys or by custom programming. Excellent repeatability and stable weight readouts. Built-in software for all key weighing applications in the lab.
Photo of A&D HR Orion Series Analytical Balances

The HR Orion Series balances from A & D Weighing are a low-cost solution to the advanced weighing needs of any laboratory. They have virtually all the same features that higher priced balances have. Large weighing chamber holds up to a 250mL volumetric flask. Wide angle LCD display. Good Laboratory Practices [GLP] Software. Multi-Functional Weighing: %, counting, grams, mg. oz ozt, dwt, ct, mom, GN, t, TL. Push button calibration and digital tare. Front Key Selectable Weighing Filters: ensures fast & stable results in all environmental conditions without switching off the balance.

Photo of A&D Phoenix GH Series Analytical Balances

Phoenix GH Series balances economically provide high-end features and performance. These analytical balances provide advanced resolution, are easy to use and calibrate, and adjust their settings based on environmental changes. Internal calibration is standard. Features include: one-touch Full Digital Calibration FDC (Internal or External), Environmental Filters, Data Memory (up to 200), Multiple Weighing Units GLP Compliance, Time and Date Stamp. Standard RS-232C allows bidirectional communication with PC. This model comes bundled with A & D's new WinCT Software.

Photo of A&D Gemini GR Series Analytical Balances with Auto-Cal

The Gemini Series balances provide a larger weighing chamber and smaller footprint than conventional balances. Internal calibration is standard. These analytical balances are easy to use and calibrate, and adjust their settings based on environmental changes. Super visible front mounted spirit level bubble helps reduce leveling time and increase accuracy. Features include: Fully Automatic Self-Calibration, 17.8" LCD Disply with Splash Proof Keyboard, Advanced Stabilization Software, Automatic Adjustable Environment Setting, Data Memory (up to 200), Multiple Weighing Units.

Photo of Adventurer™ PRO Analytical Balances. Ohaus
The Ohaus Adventurer™ PRO has established itself as the industry's most versatile balance. It counts, it sums, it holds and it delivers traceable results. The Adventurer Pro line includes a full range of Analytical and High Precision models. No other balance in its class offers all these features in a compact design. Easy access frameless draft shield with removable doors. All doors, including the front and back glass panels, disassemble in seconds, and together with a stainless steel bottom, make it fast and easy to clean. SmarText™ Software Guides Users Through Balance Use.
Photo of CP Series Analytical Balances. Sartorius
The Sartorius Competence Series - CP for short - is the new basic series of balances for professional use in the laboratory. The CP sets completely new standards with its unique overall concept combining innovative design and highly advanced mechatronic technology. These analytical balances offer high-value product solutions for laboratory weighing applications at an excellent price/performance ratio.
Ohaus Adventurer 30100602 AX224 Analytical Balance

The Adventurer® AX224 Analytical balance series strike the ideal mix between inventive features, long-lasting durability, and uncomplicated weighing capabilities.