Accessories for Metabolic Cages

Photo of Wheel Assembly
Constructed of stainless steel with low-friction bushing for long life and quiet, smooth action. Wide enough for even large animals. Comes with stainless steel sheet lid for secure animal containment. Photo items A thru E refer to replaceable accessories not listed. Please inquire.
Photo of Feeder Assembly
Feeder assembly includes a PC feeder drawer and SS feeder chamber. All three sizes fit any NALGENE matabolic cage. All three sizes can also be used with the large rodent cage (Cat. No. N650-0350), with the addition of the adapter gate (Cat. No. N650-0358).
Photo of Rodent Cage Adapter Gate
Designed for rats, guinea pigs and hamsters. Includes same fluid collection tubes and rings as the smaller rodent cages and the following componets sized for larger rodents: upper chamber, water bottle and support, feeder assembly and urine collection tube. Each cage includes complete assembly and use instructions, replacement parts list and warranty card. Modify this cage to house smaller rodents by adding adapter gate Cat. No. N650-0358, plus the following components: For mice: Use adapter gate and mouse kit, Cat. No. N650-0300.
Photo of Single-Cage Stand
Stainless steel with nylon supports. Holds one rodent metabolic cage, Cat. No. N650-0100, -0210, -0311, -0322 or -0350. Easy to assemble instructions included.