Air Meters

Photo of Control Company 3651 Traceable® Vane Anemometer-Thermometer-Hygrometer-Dew Point Pen

Three available models provide readings for airflow/temperature; airflow/temperature/humidity/dew point; and airflow/temperature/humidity/dew point/barometric pressure. Simple operation eliminates the need to refer to instructions. Designed for intuitive, easy operation by everyone. Tough ABS plastic housing with O- ring seal and membrane keypad keep out dust and dirt, assuring a long life in severe lab or harsh plant environments. HOLD button freezes the reading on the display. High contrast 3/8-inch-high LCD digits are easy to read.

Photo of Control Company 3655 Traceable Micro-Anemometer/Thermometer

Ultra compact micro-design is small in size and big in features. Unit measures air velocity in five user selectable values: meters per second, feet per second, miles per hour, kilometers per hour, and knots. It also displays: maximum airflow measured, temperature in °F and °C, and wind chill temperature in °F and °C. Measurements are lightning fast with reading updates 2 times per second. Simple one-button operation eliminates the need to refer to directions.

Photo of Control Company 4091 Traceable® Digital Anemometer/Thermometer

Traceable® Anemometer measures air velocity/temperature in hoods and outside environments with ease and accuracy. Use it to display even slight gas movement in ducts. Designed for heavy use in lab, plant, and field, it is built to take a beating and still give years of reliable readings. Ease- of-operation ensures that everyone reports identical results.

Photo of Control Company 4331 Traceable® Anemometer Thermometer

One-hand operation anemometer displays air velocity and temperature simultaneously. Ease of operation in hoods or outdoors makes this an ideal instrument. Unit is engineered for years of reliable service even in severe lab, harsh plant, or outdoor environments.

Photo of Control Control 4330 Traceable® Hot Wire Anemometer/Thermometer

Hot Wire Anemometer with two miniature glass-bead thermistors provides greater precision at low air velocities. Telescope probe expands from 9-1/2 inches to 3 feet for use in hard-to-reach places. No moving-parts unit eliminates friction errors caused by rotating vanes. It’s ideal for clean rooms and environmental tests.